Author – Dr. Shalini Agam

  • It is a worth noticing fact that more than 50% diseases are caused because of mental disturbance. Whether observed or unobserved most of the diseases are caused because of our unhealth thoughts. When we try to understand the science of our heart then we take care only about our diet and exercise. But then we think about the mental stress, then we automatically come to know about the cause of our diseases. Perhaps medical science does not take into consideration the fact that we can separate our mind and thoughts from our body. New researches have told that even genes can be changed by our thoughts. If we keenly observes then we will come to know that strong will power can keep us away from many diseases.
  • It is often said that when we feel at our heart that we will lose then we will lose for sure and if we’ll think that we’ll win then we will definitely win. When we smile and remain happy then each and every organ of our body becomes happy with us and send the message of well being to all the nerves of the body.
  • Scientists have proved that in a happy person, a hormone called neuropeptide is quite different which provides activeness, liveness and smooth skin.
  • Contrary to it, the people who are arrogant, unhappy and full of anger, they become prone to ageing and diseases before time. Neuropeptide hormone is the only hormone which regulates and co-ordinates the activity of brain with all the neurons of our body.
  • Medication provides superficial treatment to the people but happiness and positive thoughts completely check the cause of the diseases.

We are not able to notice but if we become a bit careful then we can notice our hearts! ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ and canmake our life beautiful and happy.