Author – Dr. Shalini Agam

Wake up the whole world is waiting just for you!

It is a new day, full of possiblities, a day like none before or none that will come after.

Each day the world paints its portrait just for you, the birds sing new songs, the spider creates new patterns in her web just hoping you will notice. The sun shines on your sleepy….face, gently coaxing you, wake up! Come enjoy my light, dance in my rays and feel my heat upon your upturned face!

The world is waiting, come on, let’s go join it in celebration of the glorious day that it today!!!

  • Wake up………this complete is waiting for you.
  • Why are you sitting losing all hopes and desires. Just begin a new day with new hopes, energy and enthusiasm. Why have you lost faith in youself? Enough……the darkness of night has come to an end and the bright morning with great excuitation is arising – look around you and think – are you the only unhappy in the world or are you the only one who has lost something precious, are the only one who has burden of responsiblities on the shoulders or are you the only one who is being neglected by your near ones. ‘No’, not at all.
  • This world is full of people like you or even with more woes than you whose difficulties are larger than yours and still they are alive. Atleast they seem to be happier than you. Just look around and you’ll feel ashamed to see that the people who are even unhappier than you are living in a better condition while you are assuming your self to be hopeless and helpless.

Just wake up my friends and look at the rising sun which is emitting new light rays full of happiness in your life.

  • Once spread a beautiful, lovely smile all over and you’ll feel that the nature has also engaged itself to support you and provide the means of our happiness and success.
  • Forget whatever happened in the past. Cherish it if it was nice or if it was bad no then remove it completely from your heart, soul and life.
  • Is your heart a dustbin in which you are continuously disposing (filling) all failures, helplessness and loneliness. Dear friends remove all these filth as quickly as possible.
  • Rather heart is like a temple where is worship yourself, your dear ones and your dreams. The dreams for whose fulfillment you work hard from dusk to dawn.
  • Have you ever wondered why everyday there is sunrise and sunset? Let me tell why does this happen. This happens because everyday when first ray of the sun reaches you, you may fill the colours of hope and faith on the canvas of your life.
  • Just as the artist of nature has filled such a large no. of colours on this painting like world in the brightness of the day. And when the night falls, remove all the failures and worries from your canvas in the darkness of the night.

Whichever things you don’t want, remove them and then on a new day, with new begining and enthusiasm start your life.