Author – Shalini Agam

Poetry is a means to get closer to the beauty of our soul but still the future of Hindi poetry appears to be hazy. Not only poetry by Hindi prose writing is also at the verge of getting “extinct” because the no. of voluntary readers are decreasing. Today, the young generation neither wants to learn nor wants to teach Hindi because English is the International language, is the means of education in school and colleges and will provide them good job opportunities in Multi National Companies.

Even a business man will be able to spread his business all over the world only after he is an expertise in English.

After reading this, are you thinking that I am a supporter of English or I don’t regard my language or I don’t love my language? No I write articles and poems in Hindi. I regularly read Hindi newspaper and write articles for it and I even get awards for it. But somewhere I fell the desire to learn English and then I thought to learn it. Why not amaze the fans of English by speaking fluent English?

I learnt computer, uploaded English version of all my Hindi poems on internet and gain appreciation from a large no. of people. The no. of readers for my work increase and I created a rage among the youngsters of the teen age. They counted me among the educationists who were earlier not even used to consider me educated.

I can give me more example for this. Once on intelligent Acharya from Kashi went aborad. While his journey in London wore his typical traditional dress-white dhoti kurta, slippers and Indian bag ‘Jhola’ on his shoulders, he was enjoying his trip. While moving around, he reached the end of a street, some children saw him and sense of mischief gleaned in their eyes. They insulted him by using some bad words in English but even after that, the Acharya said nothing and went forward while smiling. The children thought that he must not be knowing English and so they started following him for doing some more mischievous.

Then the Acharya Ji stopped and started saying about Indian culture and customs in English. After listening his English, the children got amazed and requested for an apology from the Acharya ji.

But there was nothing bad in his mind. He offered the children coffee and chocolates. All of them felt embarrassed and then one of them asked-why didn’t you get angry even after we had troubled you so much?

Then the Acharya replied – “There is your no mistake, whatever things will be taught to you, your behaviour will be according to that only.”

And then the children came to know that there is not one more tolerating then Indians. After leaving a mark of Indian culture and customs, in the hearts of the children, the Acharya came back to India.

It is not any strong indeed it is reality. If we want to promote Hindi with pride then we have to learn foreign languages and then explain our thoughts, tradition, culture, intelligence to the forgiveness. A true Indian not only loves his language but also respects other languages.