Manik Paul, an artist who, along with the idol makers, has come to Delhi from Kolkata. The group brings the deserted grounds of Chandralok cinema in Chittranjan Park back to life three months before every pujo. And the imposing idols of Durga, Lakshmi, Saraswati, Ganesha and Kartik, along with small figurines of lions and peacocks, adorn the entire landscape. The members of this tightly-knit group have been in the profession since childhood. The youngest, Narugo pal Pal, 21, says that sculpting is a parampara in his family . “Back in Kolkata, children learn from our fathers and grandfathers. This fills our stomach, and it is our expression of devotion to the goddess,“ he says. Their life isn’t easy though. They work round the clock and live in the cinema hall compound with no time for leisure. But while they stay away from Kolkata for nearly half the year, the festivities at CR Park make them feel at home. “Listening to Bangla folklore and songs keep us going. They cheer us up and we worry less about our people back home,“ says Paul.

Source: TOI