Author – Dr. Shalini Agam

In today’s time, life is full of stess so mental problems are very common. Nobody knows how many tensions we bear everyday in our daily activities due to which we become worried, irritated and even angry and a large number weak people assuming life as a burden try to give up. How to be free from such tensions? There is only one answer : Meditation.

  • We must realise the importance of meditation and should make it a part of our lives.
  • If out of 24hrs of a day even if a person contributes one hour to meditation then he will definitely be free of mental stress. In that one hour there is imagination, no thoughts and nothing stressful in the mind. Consequently, he will feel refresh, enthusiastic and full of zeal. And for this, the best solution is to develop interest in music and dance.
  • Life is dance to be performed and is a song to be sung.
  • Dance grows with the dancer and both lives and dies with a dancer. While dancing, dancers get lost in their own world. But the different forms of dance please us for many years.
  • Dance has been considered as a form of meditation.
  • You can also be in proximity to meditation by developing your interest in music and dance.
  • You will feel that music and dance have opened doors of change and positivity in your life.
  • Lord Shankar, Meera Bai, Kabir, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, Lord Krishna’s flute’s tone made the ‘Gopies’ forget about everything and just used to dance on its tune.
  • When any person sings or dances forgetting about the other things and enjoy then it appears to him as if the whole world is dancing with him.
  • It has been said that when we get engrossed in dance then we forget our entity. We are then just able to see dance and the pleasure we get from it. Dance is a path leading to God and after dancing you will feel freshness and an essence of divinity.
  • So just stand upright and enhance your hidden singing talent and develop its involvement in your life. Adopt music and enjoy every moment by singing and dancing and make it more cherishable. So, why to be shy and from whom.
  • Or otherwise begin with some vacant place. Choose your favourite songs, beatseitherclassicalorbollywoodwhatever. Justswitchthe‘play’button ‘on’ and just start dancing.
  • Music, dance and art are a way to reach your inner core and they even provide you to relief and place.

Meditation revive your cells which starts dance. -Meditation makes you active so start Dancing so My Dear India. ‘The result of simple process of fun with Dancing is outstanding…. it synchronises the Positive and inactivate energy inside the body…. The man and woman ‘The Yin And Yang’ Life and Death.